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Module Control

Require: IP-Symcon >= 4.0


The "Module Control" module offers the possibility to integrate own PHP modules or ones provided by other users.

Integration in IP-Symcon

configuration page

In the "Modules" instance ("Logical tree view"->"Core instances"), a Git-Repository link/URL can be entered via "+". The module is then installed via this and is immediately available in the "Add instance" dialog. Which link is needed for which module can usually be seen in the documentation or forum entry of the module. If the data is incomplete, the respective module developer can be contacted via the forum using a private message.


The "Check for updates" button checks whether there is an update for modules that have already been added. If an update is possible, the respective module can be updated via the appearing update button. If a module is up to date, a tick is displayed instead.

Change branch

The cogwheel next to the respective module allows to change the branch of the repository. What these are called depends on the naming by the repository creator.

change branch

Develop individual modules

In the developer area all the information necessary to develop individual modules is available.
Further information can be found directly in the SDK for PHP .


There is a link collection in the forum, which lists PHP modules developed by users.

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