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array Sys_GetURLContentEx (string $URL, array $Parameter)


URL Complete URL

Array with index => value pairs

Index Type Description
Timeout Integer Default = 10000. Timeout in milliseconds
AuthUser String Default = "". Username for basic authentication
AuthPass String Default = "". Password for basic authentication
VerifyPeer Boolean Default = true. Verify that hosts SSL certificate is correct
VerifyHost Boolean Default = true. Verify that host URL from the SSL certificate matches the property Host


If the command was executed successfully, it returns the result of the website contents (including binary code), otherwise FALSE.


Reads the contents of the URL and returns it as a return value. Here, some Parameter for timeouts, authentication and proxy are made.


echo Sys_GetURLContentEx("http://www.google.de", Array("AuthUser"=> "test", "AuthPass"=> "test"));
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