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Virtual Counter

Require: IP-Symcon >= 6.0

The module provides an input mask for manually read meter readings. It accepts the manual entry, checks it for plausibility and transfers the value to a counter variable. To check for plausibility, a limit value can be set.

functional scope

  • Check for plausibility
  • Display of the last entered counter reading
  • Input mask for new meter reading

Software installation

  • Install the 'Virtual Counter' module via the Module Store.

Set_up_the_instances in IP-Symcon

  • Under "Add Instance" the 'Virtual Counter' module can be found using the quick filter.

Configuration Page:

Name Description
Limit Number by which a new counter value may increase at most. If the limit value is 0, it will not be checked
Require confirmation to accept If enabled, a script must be executed to trigger the plausibility check
Activate Logging Button, which activates the logging of the counter variable. It will be hidden if logging is enabled.

status variables and profiles

The status variables/categories are created automatically. Deleting individual ones can lead to malfunctions.

Status variables

Name Type Description
Current counter reading Float Displays the last entered counter reading
New counter reading String Input variable for new counter reading
Set safe new counter reading: Enter new counter reading Boolean Appears if the new counter reading exceeds the current one by the limit value. The value can still be accepted with confirmation


Name Type
VZ.Confirm Boolean
VZ.NewCounterReading String


Name Description
Set Meter Reading Executes the plausibility check and pushes the value into the vaiable "Current Meter Reading" if successful


Via the WebFront the new counter value can be entered and the script can be executed, furthermore the last accepted counter value is displayed.

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