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To simplify the handling of multiple active devices and keep an overview over a multitude of instances, categories can be used. The instances within the location tree can be assigned to different categories.


A category can be created with the "+" at the bottom left or via "right click"->"Add object"->"Category". In a next step, the category can be configured. This includes the name and location. A suitable name could refer to the area where the according devices are localized. For example, in a one family house, the categories could refer to the floors.


When a category is deleted, consider that all subcategories and devices within that category are removed from the location tree as well.


The created category can be found in the Object Tree. Further categories can be created in the same way, e.g., multiple categories for different floors.
With a right click on the chosen main categorie and "Add Object -> Add Category", the main location is already selected as location. Afterwards, the subcategory can be configured, e.g., naming it "living room". This procedure can be repeated multiple times.
The order of the categories can be modified with "Right click -> Sort Objects".
Nesting categories within each other can also be done via Drag and Drop.


We recommend to use the structure Category/Subcategory/Device as follows:
Floor / Room / Device


For a better overview, this naming should be done from the start as more devices are added over time. Every device name should explain itself und contain no previously named components.
E.g., Ground Floor / Living Room / Ceiling Lamp (North)


An additional advantage of this structure is the automatic direct visualization within the WebFront.
When a shown category contains visible subcategories, a navigation bar for categories is shown automatically.
When a subcategory is selected, the object area shows its content.
When the shown subcategory contains further subcategories, the navigation is extended automatically.
Categories that are linked with the "Link" object are shown in the navigation bar as well. The property "Show Navigation" can be used to hide the navigation bar when needed.

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