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Links are connected to other existing objects and represent those objects in a different location. This is done without changing the existing structures and sortings.
All properties of the original object are shown.

Only the following properties of a link can be changed:

  • Name
  • Icons for the WebFront
  • Visibility Settings for the WebFront

All objects within the object tree can be linked:

  • Categories
  • Instances
  • Variables
  • Scripts
  • Events
  • Media

Links of links are not possible. However, multiple links of one object are possible.


Links are primarily used to position objects in the WebFront in desired locations. Thus, instead of positioning the object itself in the locations, a link of an object is placed there instead.
Another possibility is the creation of an overview tab that centrally shows the properties of multiple distributed objects in a single location.

A link is created by right clicking the object to be linked -> "Link Object" -> Choose a location for the link.


Only the top level categories of the object tree can be accessed within the iOS or Android app. Links can be used to bring objects within subcategories back to the "surface".


A complex example is found in Use Links

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