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Management of Instances

IPS_CreateInstancecreates an instance
IPS_DeleteInstancedeletes an instance
IPS_GetInstancereturns extensive information about a specific instance
IPS_GetInstanceIDByNamereturns the ID of an instance by its name
IPS_GetInstanceListreturns a list of all existing instances
IPS_GetInstanceListByModuleIDreturns all instances with a specific module ID
IPS_GetInstanceListByModuleTypereturns a list of all instances with a specific type
IPS_InstanceExistschecks if a specific instance exists
IPS_ApplyChangesapplies a changed configuration
IPS_GetConfigurationreads a configuration
IPS_GetConfigurationFormreads a configuration form
IPS_GetPropertyreads the current value of a property
IPS_HasChangeschecks if the configuration was changed
IPS_ResetChangesresets the modified configuration to the current configuration
IPS_SetConfigurationset a new configuration
IPS_SetPropertyset a planned value for a property
IPS_ConnectInstancecreates a (data) connection between two instances
IPS_DisconnectInstancedisconnects a (data) connection between two instances
IPS_GetCompatibleInstancesreturns compatible instances to an instance
IPS_IsInstanceCompatiblechecks if a connection between two instances is possible
IPS_EnableDebugFileactivates the writing of debug logs to a file
IPS_GetReferenceListreturns the IDs of all references
Status Variables
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