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Management of Objects

IPS_GetChildrenIDsreturns a list of all children objects
IPS_GetLocationreturns the complete path to an object
IPS_GetNamereturns the name of the object
IPS_GetObjectreturns extensive information about an object
IPS_GetObjectIDByIdentreturns the ID of an object by its ident
IPS_GetObjectIDByNamereturns the ID of an object by its name
IPS_GetObjectListreturns a list of all existing objects
IPS_GetParentreturns the ID of the parent of the object
IPS_HasChildrenchecks if an object has child objects
IPS_IsChildchecks if an object is a child of a parent object
IPS_ObjectExistschecks if a specific object exists
IPS_SetDisabledset an object as disabled for the visualizations
IPS_SetHiddenset the visibility for an object
IPS_SetIconset the icon of an object
IPS_SetIdentset the ident of an object
IPS_SetInfoset extended information of an object
IPS_SetNameset the name of an object
IPS_SetParentset the parent of an object
IPS_SetPositionset the position of an object
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