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Program Information

IPS_FunctionExistschecks if a specific function exists
IPS_GetFunctionreturns extensive information about a function
IPS_GetFunctionListreturns a list of all available functions
IPS_GetKernelDirreturns the path to the IP Symcon program folder
IPS_GetKernelDirExreturns the path to the IP Symcon installation folder
IPS_GetKernelRunlevelreturns the run level of the kernel
IPS_GetKernelStartTimereturns the point of time when IP Symcon was started
IPS_GetKernelVersionreturns the version number of the used kernel
IPS_GetLogDirreturns the path to the IP Symcon log folder
IPS_GetSystemLanguagereturns the system language of the operating system on which IP-Symcon is running
IPS_LogMessageWrites a user defined message into the log file
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