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Staircase Light Controls

Require: IP-Symcon >= 5.0

After a trigger is activated, the light in the staircase turns on. If the trigger is activated repeatedly, the light remains on and the timer is reset. Only when no further triggering takes place for a predefined time will the light be switched off.

Function scope

  • Selection of input and output variables in a list.
  • Selection of the duration before the light is switched off.
  • Specification of brightness depending on a night mode variable
  • .Reversed profiles are supported for both input and output variables
  • Possibility to display the remaining time before the light turns off.

Software installation

  • Use the Module Store to install the 'Staircase Light Controls' module.

Setting up instances in IP-Symcon

  • Under "Add Instance" the 'Staircase Light Controls' module can be found using the quick filter.

Configuration Page:

Name Description
Input Sensors List of input sensors, which should activate the light, e.g. motion sensors or push buttons - The light will be activated as soon as a variable is set to active. Variables with a value that is not false, 0, or "" are considered active here. If the variable has a .Reversed profile, the mentioned values are considered active.
Output variables List of variables that are active, i.e. set to their maximum value and represent the light. If a variable has a .Reversed profile it will be switched to its minimum value. Variables of the type String are not switched. The variables are switched active when a sensor from the input sensor list is triggered.
Duration After the selected duration elapses without another input sensor being triggered, the light will be deactivated.
Resend action If an unreliable radio system is used, it may be necessary to resend the action at each pulse. Normally this option should remain deactivated, because continuous sending of the action for radio actuators may use up the duty cycle.
Display remaining time If active, the remaining time until switch off is displayed in a variable.
Update interval The interval in which the "Remaining time" variable is updated.
Night/Day Mode Allows to switch the selected variables to different values based on the time of day, or the ambient brightness

Night/Day Mode - Night/Day Varaible

Name Description
Day/Night A variable that indicates whether it is night or day.
Inverted Specifies whether the value of the night mode variable should be inverted. This is necessary if the actual day variable is to be used by the location instance. This is FALSE if it is dark.
Brightness (night mode) Specifies the brightness in percent that should be switched at night.
Brightness (Day Mode) Specifies the brightness in percent to switch to during the day.


Name Description
Ambient Brightness The variable used as ambient brightness.
Ambient Brightness Threshold The threshold at which to switch between day and night values.
Brightness (night mode) Specifies the brightness in percent to be switched when the brightness falls below.
Brightness (Day mode) Specifies the brightness in percent that is to be switched when the brightness is exceeded.

status variables


name type description
Staircase control active Boolean The variable indicates whether the staircase control is active
Remaining time String If "Show remaining time" is active, the remaining time until switch off is displayed here
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