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Web Graph

Require: IP-Symcon >= 4.3

The module is used to make already existing diagrams available via WebHook. The WebHook can then be called both locally and via Connect Service. Stylistic configurations are also possible via parameters in the URL.

function scope

  • Creates a custom Webhook
  • Adding the allowed object IDs for diagrams via list
  • Ability to secure via username and password
  • Deployment via WebHook both locally or via Connect Service
  • Configuration of the display via URL parameters


  • Active subscription when using the Connect Service

Software installation

Setting up instances in IP-Symcon

  • Under "Add Instance" the 'Web Graph' module can be found using the quick filter.

Configuration page:

Name Description
Access List The list contains the object IDs of diagram media which may be provided via WebHook
User Name/Password (Expert) Restricts access using a user name and password
Test environment Here you can try out different settings and read out the appropriate URL

After entry in the "Access List" the graphs are available with their ID.


Diagram media with the ID 12345 is entered into the "Access List". Thereupon this is visible under:


Symcon Connect Service: https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.ipmagic.de/hook/webgraph/?id=12345

Additional settings can be appended to the URL.

status variables and profiles

No additional status variables or profiles are created. Only the WebHook "/hook/webgraph/" is entered.


No further configuration or display is possible via the WebFront.

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