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Require: IP-Symcon >= 2.1

 int IPS_CreateLink ()


ID of the newly created link


The command creates a new link. It requires no parameters. After the execution a new link named "Unnamed Object (ID: 48490)" or similar, depending on the ID, appears in the category tree of IP Symcon. The command IPS_SetName can be used to give a meaningful name to the new link. The name should not be used for identification. For this purpose, the ID should be preferred.

Furthermore, the link should be linked to another object. This can be done via the function IPS_SetLinkTargetID.

The function returns an ID that can help to clearly identify the generated link.


//Creating a new category called "Rain sensing"
$LinkID = IPS_CreateLink();             //Create link
IPS_SetName($LinkID, "Rain sensing");   //Name the link
IPS_SetParent($LinkID, 12345);          //Set a parent
IPS_SetLinkTargetID($LinkID, 54321);    //Attach the link
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