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Variable Actions

A variable action is executed when a variable is clicked via visualization.
The prepared Action Script is executed. Additional data like the new "desired" value and the ID are passed via System Variables.

Choose Variable Action

It is possible to choose an action with the "Edit variable" dialog by choosing "Custom action". The dialog "Edit Variable" is accessible when creating a variable, via double click on the variable within the object tree, or via right click on the variable and choosing "Edit object".


Some variables of added modules contain a "Default action". It can be overwritten with a "Custom action".

Set action script

With the "+", a variable action can be created which only handles that the variable changes accordingly if it is clicked in the WebFront. This automatically created action script is displayed as "(Automatically created)"

Action Script set

Create Variable Action

A chosen variable action is an action script.
For more information, refer to PHP Scripts and Action Scripts.

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