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 array IPS_GetVariableProfile (string $ProfileName) 



Name of the profile


The following information is available as key => value pairs:

Index Type Description
Associations array Array with value, name, icon pairs (see Associations Table)
Icon string Icon of the variable profile
IsReadOnly boolean TRUE if the profile is a system created profile, which can not be changed
MaxValue float The minimum value used for the visualization
MinValue float The maximum value used for the visualization
StepSize float Step size for the visualization, 0 when the association table is used
Digits integer Number of decimal places
Prefix array Prefix for the visualization
Suffix integer Suffix for the visualization
ProfileName string Name of the profile. (~ = System profile)
ProfileType integer Type of profile (0: Boolean, 1: Integer, 2: Float, 3: String)

Associations Table

Index Type Description
Value float Value that is associated with the given name, icon, and color
Name string Name of the specified value
Icon string Icon of the specified value
Color integer Color value in HTML format, e.g., 0x0000FF for blue. Special case: -1 for transparent


This function returns an array that contains information about the variable profile with the name ProfileName.


print_r( IPS_GetVariableProfile("~WindDirection") ); 
/* returns e.g.:
    [Associations] => Array
    [Digits] => 1
    [Icon] => WindDirection
    [IsReadOnly] => 1
    [MaxValue] => 360
    [MinValue] => 0
    [Prefix] =>
    [ProfileName] => ~WindDirection
    [ProfileType] => 2
    [StepSize] => 60
    [Suffix] => °
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