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boolean IPS_SetVariableProfileAssociation (string $ProfileName, variant $Value, string $Name, string $Icon, integer $Color)


ProfileName Name of the profile. Available profiles can be queried via IPS_GetVariableProfileList
Value The value that should be associated to the name, icon, and color
Name Name of the specified value
Icon Icon of the specified value
Color Color value in HTML format, e.g., 0x0000FF for blue. Special case: -1 for transparent


If the command succeeds, it returns TRUE, otherwise FALSE.


This function sets the Name, the Icon, and the Color profile for the value Value of the variable profile with the name ProfileName. The color is not displayed for profiles of type display/ slider. (See: Invalid Link: Object representation)

If Name and Icon are empty, the association to the specified value Value is deleted.

Standard profiles cannot be changed. These profiles names begin with a tilde (~).


//Creating the value 1 in the white color
IPS_SetVariableProfileAssociation("Temperature", 1, "Value 1", "Speaker", 0xFFFFFF);
//Create Value for "sum" in the yellow color
IPS_SetVariableProfileAssociation("Season", "sum", "Summer", "Sun", 0xFFFF00);
//Delete value 1
IPS_SetVariableProfileAssociation("Temperature", 1, "", "", -1);
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