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Add Media Stream

It is possible to add MJPEG and RTSP streams to the WebFront by using the special media type Stream. Further information and the address can be found in the documentation of the utilized web camera. The size of the stream can be parameterized by the configuration of the web camera. The complete address, including the username and password, needs to be entered within the corresponding dialog of IP-Symcon.

This function is not available in the "Internet Explorer"!

RTSP streams can currently only be displayed in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Android (incl. apps as of version 5.1), Safari (as of version 5.5), and iOS (incl. apps as of version 5.5).

RTSP streams need to be h264 encoded. As IP-Symcon acts as distributor for RTSP streams, limits are applied depending on the used edition.

Media: MJPEG Stream

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