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All IPS gateways in the network can be found with the network-configuration-tool. Instructions for use can be found HERE. To download


The recovery tool can write an image to the SymBox. Instructions for use can be found HERE under point "5.2. Recovery using the recovery tool ". To download

Module development

The following tools are helpful in developing modules for the Module Store and help to successfully submit them.

GUID Generator

The GUID Generator generates a GUID in the correct format for the module.

Module Generator

The Module Generator is a wizard which helps to create the basic structure for a module and sets up all the basic facilities for a functioning data flow.

Module Validator

The Module Validator checks the developed files for correct syntax and whether all required information is included.

External IDEs

External IDEs can insert and display function declarations.


Instructions for generating and using PhpStorm can be found HERE.

Visual Studio Code

Instructions for generating and using in Visual Studio Code can be found HERE.

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