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Integrate devices

Devices are addressed in IP-Symcon via so-called instances.


The principle of creating the devices has changed fundamentally from version 1 onwards. I/O instances, splitters or similar no longer have to be created/connected. IP-Symcon does this automatically. IP-Symcon also creates the status variables automatically.

Create instance

Configurators are available for the following systems for a more convenient configuration of devices. The appropriate configurator can be added to the object tree within the web-based Management Console using the "+" button.

For all other systems, the respective device must be added by creating a suitable instance.
The creation dialog can be accessed in the object tree using the "+" -> "Instance" button.

IP-Symcon takes care of creating the required gateways, splitters and I/O's.

In the "Messages" tab it can be checked whether an instance has an error. A message with a yellow or red background is interesting. This means there is still one setting missing for an instance to work. A "double click" on the respective message leads directly to the section of IP-Symcon where the said setting is still required.

Access to the gateway and I/O interfaces belonging to each device is possible via the "Configure gateway" or "Configure interface" gear wheel in the device "Configuration" tab. The required settings can be checked there and improved if necessary.

The "Module reference " area contains the setup instructions for the respective devices/instances, either as a description or as a video tutorial.

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