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Save CSV data from WebFront to Excel

Graphs in the WebFront are displayed using CSV data sets. In order to make these available in a neat and legible form for further use in Excel, there is the "Text-To-Columns" functionality.
This works for any CSV data set. The CSV data broken up in this way can, for example, be used for Excel graphics or the like of.


Step 1 - CSV Export Copy Record

Within the WebFront the graph symbol and then the menu item "CSV" have to be clicked on. In the popup (see picture) the data records simply have to be marked and copied with "Ctrl + C".

CSV Export

Step 2 - Paste

The data needs to be pasted into an empty table with "Ctrl + V". If necessary, the font color must be changed to black, as the white font color may have been adopted.


Step 3 - Text to Columns

The "Text to Columns" function is used to split the data records.
To do this, the "Data" tab must be selected and all data records highlighted.
Then the "Text to columns" button must be clicked on and a dialog opens.

text to columns

Step 4 - Dialog

The dialog proceeds in 3 steps.

dialog step 1

Click "Next".

dialog step 2

Select a semicolon as it separates the records. Click "Next".

dialog step 3

Click "Finish".


The table should then look like this.

Any questions?