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Connect Systems via Events

IP-Symcon offers the very comfortable option to transfer values from one system directly to another. For this purpose an Event can be added, which can set another value to the trigger value when the trigger value is changed. It is irrelevant whether the two values belong to different systems. In the example below, a KNX dimmer value is transferred to a Z-Wave dimmer.


A KNX dimmer value can be transmitted to a Z-Wave lamp with dimmer value. For this purpose, a change of the KNX value is reacted to and the new value is transferred to the dimming value of the Z-Wave lamp which is then being switched.

In the object tree, the two device instances have already been created and are functioning properly on their own. Now an event must be created. To do this, an event can be added via the "+" at the bottom right of the object tree.

The event must be configured as follows.
The dimming value, whose value is to be transferred on change, is selected as the triggering variable. In this example it is the value of DPT 005.001.
Under Action, the intensity of the Z-Wave lamp with dimmer actuator is selected as "Target". As action type "Switch variable" and as action "Switch to triggering value" must be selected.
By clicking "OK" the event is created and the configuration is saved.

event configuration

From now on, every time the KNX dimmer value changes, the intensity of the Z-Wave instance will be dimmed to the same value.
The object tree should then look like this.

object tree
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