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Logic Scripts

Require: IP-Symcon >= 7.0

Logic Scripts is a tool that can be used to create individual logic scripts and automations in IP-Symcon. Typical use cases are

  • Group switches for light
  • Staircase automation
  • Sensor evaluation

add logic script

A new logic script can be added via "+" -> "Automation" -> "Logic Script". It is recommended to give the logic scipt a meaningful name.
The name can be changed at any time and the logic script can be moved to a different position in the object tree using drag & drop.
Alternatively, the creation can be done directly at the desired position via "right click" -> "Add object" -> "Automation" -> "Logic Script".

Add logic script

Components of the editor

The logic script editor is divided into the following areas:

Name Description
Menu The menu provides central functions such as saving, zooming or executing a logic script.
Panels The Logic Script Editor provides 2 panels:
- The repository with the list of all available modules
- The PropertyEditor for displaying and editing properties
Use drag & drop to change the position of the panels; 4 predefined positions are available. If you place several panels in one position, tabs are automatically created.
Drawing area The drawing area is the central component of the editor and allows you to place and edit the individual modules.
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