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string IPS_ExecuteEx (string $ProgramPath, string $Parameter, boolean $ShowWindow, boolean $Wait, integer $SessionID)


ProgramPath Full path to the program
Parameter Parameter which is to be passed to the program (optional)
ShowWindow True if the window should be displayed; False if the window should not be visible
Wait Specifies whether to wait for the end of the program
SessionID The user session ID, which is to be used (from Under XP from 0, 2003/Vista 1)


Empty string


The command causes the start of the external program named ProgramName. The String parameter is passed as a request parameter to the program. The Boolean value Wait determines if the end of the program should be awaited or the calling script should be resumed immediately.

The SessionID parameter specifies in which user session, the program should be started. (In Windows 2003, for example multiple terminal sessions can be started parallel.)

Caution: While waiting for the program to end, the script execution time is extended accordingly. It is important to ensure that in the file "php.ini" the defined maximum duration will not be exceeded. Otherwise, the script exits with an error message. This is especially important if the program expects user input.


//Notepad started
IPS_ExecuteEx("notepad", "", false, false, 0);
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