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boolean IPS_RunScript (integer $ScriptID)


ScriptID Unique ID of the script


If the command succeeds, it returns TRUE, otherwise FALSE.


The command causes the start of the script with the ID SkriptID. The called script is running parallel (simultaneously) to the calling script.

Scripts that are executed via IPS_RunScript use the following System Variables.

Comparison between IPS_RunScript and the PHP-Instruction include:

include is a PHP-Instruction, no IPS-Command. The included script by include will be performed as if it would place of the include statement. It does look as it were a part of the calling script. This means that all variables which are available for the involved script are known to the calling script as well. The script execution time is extended by the duration of the included scripts.

When using IPS_RunScript the called script is launched in a separate context. It therefore knows nothing of the variables of the calling script. Data can only be replaced by external variables. The command is suitable for situations where a script must be executed in a timely manner, but no direct connection to the calling script is required. The lifetime of the script does not change, since both scripts are (almost) running simultaneously.


IPS_RunScript(12345 /*[Garden lighting On]*/);
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