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string IPS_RunScriptTextWaitEx (string $ScriptText, array $Parameter)


ScriptText String that is executed as script
Parameter Key (string) => Value (variant) Pairs that can be accessed in the executed script


result of the executed script


The command starts a script with the content ScriptText and waits for the execution of the script to return its result. It is not necessary to state PHP tags.

The array Parameter can contain any number of "Key => Value" pairs (see PHP Arrays). Every pair appears in the called script as variable Key with the value Value.


//Script that executes text as script and passes parameters
echo IPS_RunScriptTextWaitEx('echo $_IPS["title"]. "course" . PHP_EOL; echo $_IPS["Tmin"] + 30.0;', Array("title" => "Temp.", "Tmin" => 10.0));
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