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The Messages tab displays information about operations that are currently happening on the IP-Symcon server. Here, changes, activities, and also error messages are collected and can be filtered.


By double-clicking or "right-click -> open" on a variable within the message windows, it can be changed.


The messages can be accessed via Message Log Widget or the plus in the tab list.
This is done by simply clicking "Open" in the widget or openening the Message Log with the plus in the tab list.

Open Message Log Widget
Open Message Log Tab List

Color codes

The different messages are displayed in color in the message window.

Transparent background:
A default message. (MESSAGE)

Gray background:
A custom message. (CUSTOM)

Green background:
A success message. (SUCCESS)

Purple background:
A notification message. (NOTIFY)

Yellow background:
A warning message. (WARNING)

Red background:
An Error Message. (ERROR)


Starts and stops the recording of messages. Thus, the previous messages can be analyzed calmly.


Clears all previous messages.

Limit Messages

The maximum number of displayed messages. When the limit is reached, the oldest messages are removed before new ones are added. This can cause the list to scroll automatically, even if the AutoScroll feature has been disabled.


When enabled, the window automatically scrolls to the most recent messages.


Here you can select which type of messages should be displayed.

Quick filter

The "Sender" and "Message" columns are searched for the content of the input field. The search is activated when entering the search field itself, but can be activated/deactivated by clicking on "Quick filter".
Searching for multiple terms is not possible.

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