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Management Console

The Management Console is the tool for setting up and configuring the complete logics of the IP-Symcom Server. There are two versions of the Management Console: The web based Management Console and the Pro Console.

Web-based Management Console

as of IP-Symcon 5.0

The web-based Management Console is platform-independent and can be accessed via browser. Officially recommended browsers are: Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera

For IP-Symcon versions up to 4.4, the legacy management console can be used. This console is not functional as of 5.0.

Connect to the IP-Symcon Server

The web-based Management Console can be opened in a browser via "[IP]:3777/console/" .

The Start Page

Widgets are shown on the start page of the Management Console. These are individually configurable and offer an initial view of the many activities of the system.

Web-based Start Page

Configuring Widgets

At the start page, one can display and remove widgets using the cogwheel button.

Manage Widgets

View changer

Using the button on the top right, one can quickly switch between the start page and Object Tree.

View Changer


The WebFront can be opened directly via the button on the top right.



A variety of information can be retrieved using the information button. These include kernel and feature information, as well as a button to the Invalid Link: Special Switches.


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