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The mobile visualization for mobile devices can be downloaded from the respective AppStore. There, the latest description of the functions of the app can be found as well. (Android: (link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.symcon.visualization text: IP Symcon Mobile on Google Play) / iOS: (link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/symcon-visualization/id1566124129 text: IP Symcon Mobile for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad in the iTunes App Store) )
This page is intended to be a description and reference for frequently asked questions and functions that differ between the apps. Furthermore, no app is eligible for full compatibility with the WebFront. These serve as an extension to IP Symcon for quick and easy access to the basic functions of the system. For a complete visualization the WebFront can and must be used. No change is planned here as the mobile applications would become slower with ever-increasing functions. But that would collide with the main feature "speed".

The documentation for the push messages can be found in the section Notification Control


It should be noted that access to the system via the mobile apps is deactivated by default. It is indicated by the error message "No valid configurator!". In the desired WebFront Configurator mobile use must be activated.

Functions that are intentionally unavailable

  • User-defined icons are not loaded, as this would mean a considerable loss of speed, which would be further decreased as several icon sizes would be required, for example, for the Retina display, which only few users have at hand.
  • Multiple nesting is not available. The aim is to make optimum use of the display area on mobile devices.

Functions that differ from the WebFront

  • Boolean-variables are shown as on/off (switch, checkbox) by default. This can be managed in through the WebFront visualization instance, so only ~Switch profils have this representation.

The app can be started directly and linked to a WebFront via WebFront release links.
If the corresponding WebFront does not exist in the app, a configurator will be set up automatically.
There are 2 types of links:
For servers without SSL: symcon://www.webfront.info/#98765
For servers with SSL: symcons://my.ssl-server.com/#12345
If the server/configurator is not in the app list, it will be added and opened automatically.
Thus, for example, without manual settings being necessary, the visitor at home or even the conference participant can be given quicker access to the local WebFront.

Known bugs

  • When SSL is enabled, externally loaded content (such as images) can not be loaded if the certificate is not accepted by the browser.
  • Certain profiles and status/variables (for example HomeMatic Window Contacts or LCN Relays) can be switched in the Mobile App. This possibility of the action is displayed in color (green/red) in the WebFront and means that either an action script is defined or that a standard action is available. If the behavior is to be changed, this topic gives the corresponding answer in the forum: Changeability of Fixed Variables


  • If a JSON error occurs while loading, check if at least IP-Symcon 3.1 #3367 has been installed.
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