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Require: IP-Symcon >= 3.0


The IP-Symcon Professional or IP-Symcon Unlimited edition is required to configure WebFronts


Only objects, which were previously created in the Object Tree of the Management Console, can be added and displayed in the WebFront. The WebFront Editor cannot create new categories or objects. It is only used to arrange existing objects according to your individual preferences.


Scripts that are executed via the WebFront provide these System Variables


At the top of the screen you can select elements that were set up in the WebFront. By default, these are IP-Symcon for building control and weather to display the current weather data and forecasts of the German Weather Service. Clicking a module name displays its content in the middle section. The current module name is highlighted. The middle section displays the main elements of a module. The other bars at the top of the screen offer control options for the currently selected category.



The configuration is divided into several parts. Different settings can be adjusted in each tab. This article primarily presents the settings options for the regular WebFront.

The following settings can be adjusted in the individual tabs:

Tab Description
(since 5.0)
Starts the WebFront editor
Appearance Configuration of a title and icon in the login screen
Security A password for access control and a special IP AutoStart function can be set
Notifications Allows sending test messages to configured devices and removing registered devices
(up to 4.4)
Configuration of the individual elements of a WebFront

Setting Up Another WebFront


To use more than one WebFront, you need an IP-Symcon Professional or IP-Symcon Unlimited edition.

In the “Visualization” section of the management console, you can display an overview of all WebFront configurators via “configure visualization”. To create a new configurator and thus a new WebFront, you have to click "New". The name of the configurator instance is also the name of the WebFront in the browser.

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