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The 1-Wire bus system is similar to I2C. In a simple way different sensors can be connected to a normal 3-wire cable (ground, data, and +5 V). For connection to a PC, a USB adapter (DS9490R) or serial interface (DS9097U-S09) are available.


The following devices are supported by IP-Symcon:

Supported Devices


Since version 4.0 no TMEX driver is required for usage, except for DS2490/DS9490R


IP-Symcon does not support the parasitic mode.
A +5V power supply is essential!

Video Tutorial for configuration (German)

Integration into IP-Symcon

When using the LAN gateway, it can be integrated via the Device Search. As a system, "OneWire Discovery" must be selected. The Discovery instance offers the creation of a OneWire Configurator. After the configurator is created, it can be used to create the individual devices as instances via "Create".

The building blocks that are connected to the 1-Wire bus do not send their values automatically - they must be requested. The Interval in the respective instance configuration defines how often the request is done.

1-Wire: Timer

Every request takes time and occupies the bus. For this reason, the "Interval" should be used sparingly. In practice, for example, a request cycle of 60 seconds to read a room temperature is more than sufficient. Smaller values under one second cannot be configured for that reason.

Furthermore, it should be considered that the bus workload rises with more devices connected to an adapter. In our model home, 30 devices are working without issue on one adapter. Wie recommend an individual power supply and multiple adapters for bigger installations.

Tips & Tricks

  • The serial adapter has a different pinout than the USB adapter and does not provide +5 V bus voltage.
  • For power supply a regulated 5V power supply with current limitation is recommended.
  • For smaller systems, we recommend using a modular cable with RJ12 or RJ45 plug for creating cable itself and distributing a 3 Series modular socket. The system is then wired 1:1 (star-shaped junctions).

Further links:
Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1-Wire
Manufacturer: [https://www.maximintegrated.com/en/pl_list.cfm/filter/21]

Read the COM Port of a USB Device in Windows (German)

DS24051-fach Switch
OW_SwitchModeSets the state of the device with the ID __InstanceID__ to value __Status__.
OW_ToggleModeChanges the state of the device with the ID __InstanceID__. The current value can be queried in the state variable after the operation. -
DS24062-fach Switch
OW_SetPinSets the state of the device with the ID __InstanceID__ to value __Status__
DS24088-fach Switch
OW_SetPinsets a pin from the DS2408 to on/ off
OW_SetPortSets the state of all eight pins on the value of __Bitmask__ of the device with ID __InstanceID__
OW_SetStrobeMakes it possible to put the RSTZ-pin of DS2408 of the device with ID __InstanzID__ to value __Status__
OW_WriteBytesSets a sequence of bytes (__Data__) from all pins of the device with the ID __InstanceID__.
OW_WriteBytesMaskedSets a sequence of bytes (__Data__) taking into account a bitmask __Mask__ from all pins of the device with the ID __InstanceID__.
DS24132-fach Switch
OW_SetPinSets the state of the pin __Pin__ of the device with the ID __InstanceID__ to value __Status__
DS2438Smart Battery Monitor
DS2450A/D-Wandler 16bit
OW_SetPinSets the state of the pin __Pin__ of the device with the ID __InstanceID__ to value __Status__
DS2890Digital-Potentiometer 8 bit
OW_SetPositionSets the device with the ID __InstanceID__ to value __Value__
Device ListDevice list 1-Wire
OW_RequestStatusExecutes a new read for the device with the ID __InstanceID__.
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