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The DS2413 is a 2-port switch & input (PIO) module. Its outputs can deliver 20mA. For further details check out the data sheet.

Definition of “Status pins”:
A logic low level at the output is rated as "Off"/ "False" (the internal transistor is active).

If e.g. an LED is connected with a common anode, it lights at this "Status pin = Off". In this case "Invert status" should be activated. 2

DS2413: Configuration

If a pin is used as a "digital input", make sure that the DS205 has no latch. Thus, no switching pulses are stored.

To e.g. evaluate a PIRI (PIR), the timer should be set for ten seconds. Additionally provide at the input a 1M resistor and a capacitor 10uF. Both are commonly connected to 0V. A switching pulse pulls the input short to +5 V. The capacitor buffers the voltage, until the next polling cycle recognizes the pin as HI.

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