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ABL offers various wallboxes/charging stations. These can be read out via ModBus TCP. A connection with IP-Symcon is possible via a LAN-IP gateway.


The following devices are supported by IP-Symcon:

Supported components


To use ABL wallboxes/charging stations in IP-Symcon, a connection via Ethernet must be available. Inside the wallbox/charging station only the Ethernet RJ45 plug has to be plugged in according to the instructions.

integration IP-Symcon

First a "ModBus Device" instance must be added within the object tree of IP-Symcon. In the following dialog the IP address of the wallbox has to be entered. The port is 502 by default. Both information can be viewed on the web interface of the wallbox/charging station.

ABL Client Socket Configuration.: imageblock
ABL Gateway Configuration.: imageblock

Afterwards the ModBus template for ABL wallboxes/charging stations can be downloaded. This contains the whole configuration of the ModBus device. After downloading, the "ABLmodbusX_vx.json" can be loaded via "Import". Afterwards all ModBus addresses of the common ABL wallboxes/charging stations are set up.


ModBus template for ABL wallboxes/charging columns:
Download eMH1/eMH2/eMH3
Download eM4
This includes the outlet/counter 1.
If more are needed the Support can be contacted

ABL after loaded config: imageblock

Add addresses

If further addresses are to be added, this can be realized via "Add".
Depending on the design of the wallbox, individual addresses may have to be de-/activated. This can be controlled via the Active column.

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