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IP-Symcon supports the "tax and measuring computer ALL4000" - for it, numerous sensors and actuators are available. The ALL4000 is connected to the network via its 100Mbit Ethernet interface, and provides a web server on which are displayed the measurements graphically and numerically.

All products have their own web server for configuration.

Manufacturers and other product information as PDF: allnet.de

List of supported devices:

  • ALL5000
  • ALL4500
  • ALL4000
  • ALL4001
  • ALL3000
  • ALL3075 > Network socket for switching over LAN
  • ALL3076 > Network socket for dimming over LAN
  • ALL3270 > Narrowband Powerline Master Ethernet Bridge/ requirement for:
  • ALL3275 > Narrowband Powerline slave socket for switching over Powerline
  • ALL3090 / All 3096 > 8 Port Reset Switch
  • ALL4100 > 8 Port Power Switch 19″ with 8 Heating appliance
  • ALL3000RF MK2 > Control unit for Intertechno radio sockets
  • ALL3690 > PowerMeter (3 Phases)
  • ALL3691 > PowerMeter (23 Phases, 2S0, 2*D0)
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