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The BACnet module is a chargeable extension that can be purchased in addition to any existing IP-Symcon license. For details, please contact our sales.

The BACnet connection allows the comfortable setup of BACnet devices within IP-Symcon. All BACnet devices available in the local network are searched for via a discovery instance and created accordingly. In the next step, each created device is queried and the data points available on the device are displayed. Any data points can be created or, in the simplest case, all data points can be imported into IP-Symcon. The data points show the "Present Value", which is automatically updated via COV, provided the device supports this. Alternatively, the value can also be queried cyclically. The value can also be changed via visualization, script and schedule.

Setup video-tutorial

Supported Protocol

  • BACnet/IP

Supported BIBBs

  • DS-RP-A (Read Property)
  • DS-RPM-A (Read Property Multiple)
  • DS-WP-A (Write Property)
  • DS-COV-A (Change of Value Notification)
  • DS-COVP-A (Change Of Value Property)

Supported Standard Object Types

  • Analog Input
  • Analog Output
  • Analog Value
  • Binary Input
  • Binary Output
  • Binary Value
  • MultiState Input
  • MultiState Output
  • MultiState Value

Supported segmentation

  • Receive: Yes (>64 segments, max 1476 bytes per segment)
  • Send: No (not yet required)

Example of a wrapper module for non-standard compliant devices

Integrates the SageGlass SIM II (BACnet) into IP-Symcon