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boolean ENO_SetIntensity (integer $InstanceID, boolean $Status, integer $Intensity)


InstanceID ID of the device to be switched
Status TRUE for On, FALSE for Off
Intensity 1..20, 1 = 5%, 20 = 100%


If the command succeeds, it returns TRUE, otherwise FALSE.


Dims the device with ID InstanceID to value Intensity. The value Status indicates whether the device is to be switched on/ off.

Since the EnOcean system is unidirectional, can not be determined whether the command was successful. Error messages are only sent when an internal system error occurred (for example, if the interface is not connected).

The EnOcean protocol does not provide dimming. The Opus dimmer is controlled by a “Trick” over a time function, so that the result of the brightness can vary a little depending on the operation. The percentages are only approximate and no linear increase in brightness will be accepted.

This function can only be used with the Opus dimmer instance.


ENO_SetIntensity(12345, true, 10); //Device dimmed to about 50%
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