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FS10 Weather

The FS10 radio system is the predecessor system of the FS20 and operates in the 433 MHz range.
All devices are no longer available in the free trade.
The internal coding allows up to 392 code combinations. To evaluate the components of the FS10 weather WS2000er series with IP-Symcon, the PC weather sensor from ELV is needed. This is simply connected to the serial port and therefore can existing weather components be integrated easily in the building management system. To increase the quality of reception, the installation of Superhet receiver is recommended.


For the weather receiver no special installation is required. Only a connection to the serial port is necessary.



Before you start searching, you still need to configure the parent instance by specifying the correct com port and apply the configuration. The Setting of the baud rate ect. is not necessary, because it is being made ​​by the system automatically.


The search dialog shows a device only when data has been received. With a remote control, you can press the button to display a broadcast transmission. With a temperature sensor, you should wait for the next interval or specify the ID manually.

Once you specify an ID, you must apply the configuration. Thus also the corresponding state variables are created automatically.

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