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boolean HM_RequestStatus (integer $InstanceID, string $Parameter)


InstanceID ID of the device to be switched
Value Description
STATE Status of an actuator
LEVEL Dim value
... An overview for all requestable "readable" parameters can be taken from the documentation of the Homematic Datapoints under Tipps & Tricks.


If the command succeeds, it returns TRUE, otherwise FALSE.


Requests the status variable with the name Parameter of the device with ID InstanceID.

The Parameter value you can derive based on the name of the state variable. In the parameter list some examples are given.

This fuction loads the radio traffic significantly. It should be used solely to update critical devices to IP Symcon start. A requery of the runtime is not required because the HomeMatic forward all status changes directly to IP Symcon.

For battery powered units, only the stored state of the CCU/ LAN adapter will be required. Line-powered equipment can be queried directly by wireless.


// This requests an update of all parameters for all Homemeatic instances.
// This strains the wireless communication extremely and is not recommanded as general update.
$ids = IPS_GetInstanceListByModuleID("{EE4A81C6-5C90-4DB7-AD2F-F6BBD521412E}");
echo "Geräte: ".sizeof($ids)."\n";
foreach($ids as $id)
    if(sizeof($svs) > 0) {
        if(@HM_RequestStatus($id, $svs[0]) === false) {
            echo "Fehler: ".IPS_GetLocation($id)."\n";
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