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Image Grabber

The Image Grabber saves webcam images from a specific address. These are automatically added as media objects and are therefore also available to the WebFront.


As of IP-Symcon 4.0, the media created by the Image Grabber are only written to the hard disk after closing IP-Symcon. The intelligent caching protects the hard disk/ flash memory and the content is only stored in the working memory. The current content can be accessed at runtime via IPS_GetMediaContent.

Integration in IP-Symcon

Set up a new instance via "Add object" -> "Add instance" -> Manufacturer: "(Other)".
The following settings can be made in the configuration tab.


With a MJPG stream it is possible to display a webcam with moving images.


In contrast to most other instances, this module does not need a parent instance


Option Description
Address The address of the webcam and the path/URL to the image. See list below
Type In which format the image should be saved. If the file extension in the address is not ".jpg", ".gif", ".bmp", ".png", the file format must be specified explicitly.
Interval In which cycle in seconds the image should be queried
Use authentication Whether authentication should be used: Yes/No
Username Username for authentication
Password Password for authentication


All common manufacturers/models are listed under the link listed here. The standard stream addresses can also be seen under the respective model, which may have to be integrated via a Stream.

List of manufacturers


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