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KNX stands for mature and globally enforced intelligent networking of modern home and building control according to EN 50090 and ISO/IEC 14543. It controls for example, heating, lighting, blinds, ventilation and safety equipment. KNX is easy to install and improves the living comfort, safety and economy. KNX is a wired system whose line (labeled e.g. J-Y (St) Y 2x2x0,8 EIB or YCYM 2x2x0,8) consists generally of two pairs (red-black and white-yellow). The EIB system is supplied by a voltage supply of 30 V rated voltage [DC]. This voltage provides the bus coupler and each communicates with the other networked EIB devices. The data exchange between the EIB devices takes place via telegrams.

The programming of the participants and assigning group addresses take place with a special, but also standardized software, the Engineering Tool Software (ETS). The ETS is provided by the parent organization Konnex and ensures the smooth cooperation of components from different manufacturers (over 100 manufacturers in the world).

The connection to IP-Symcon happens via a serial or USB interface "PEI type 10" with FT1.2 protocol (interface type PEI 16 will not work) or a EIBnet/KNX/IP gateway.

The interface of EIBMARKT (ArtNr. N000250), Gira (Gira bus coupler UP 2.1, No. 0645 00 and Gira data interface FT 1.2, No. 0504) has been successfully tested. The following Ethernet gateways have been tested successfully:

  • EIBMARKT: 1a EIB KNX IP Interface PoE (ArtNr. N000401)
  • ABB: i-bus® KNX / IP-Interface, REG IPS/S 2.1, 2CDG 110 098 R0011
  • Weinzierl Engineering GmbH: KNX IP Interface 730
  • Siemens N146, N148/21. (N148/22 is not supported)


To use KNX in IP-Symcon, either a serial FT1.2 Gateway or a compatible KNX/IP gateway is required. The establishment of the various gateways differs slightly. You can create directly a KNX/EIB instance in IP-Symcon and configure this from your gateway, or use your OPC export from the ETS. The use of the OPC export using the IP-Symcon Configurator allows rapid integration of all KNX components. A video guide can be found here:

Import KNX/EIB devices with OPC Export (*.ESF Datei)

Currently only three stage addresses (e.g. 10/2/5) are supported. Currently IP-Symcon does not support two stage or free addresses.

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