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LCN (Local Control Network) is an installation bus system for residential and commercial buildings. It integrates the entire building installation in a bus system. Where previously were switches, now small controllers are installed. All modules are connected via an additional wire from ordinary pipe installation. The LCN modules communicate to each other messages over this wire and the neutral wire. A major advantage is that the modules operate absolutely independently. You do not need a separate power supply, nor a special cable. They also always offer several functions: Two switching outputs and two/three independent inputs allow to get along with fewer modules and less wiring. Communication with IP-Symcon takes place with a bus coupler LCN-PK (RS-232) and a coupler program, the so-called "PCHK".

Important for new buildings and building owners who can not decide yet: When planning, lay a 5-core NYM cable and use deep-mounted flush sockets. An investment of a few hundred euros, which pays off later.


To connect your LCN bus to IP-Symcon you need a bus coupler (LCN-PKU) and a middleware software PCHK.

Once all the components are in place and installed, you can begin setting up in IP-Symcon.

On the Welcome page of the administration console, you can build a configurator for your LCN system with "Add Configuration", which makes the installation much easier and decreases the handwork.


Once you created a configurator, you will find possibly a red message at the bottom that indicates a faulty or incomplete configuration. Open the parent instance (gear icon) to specify your user name and password. Confirm the change by clicking Apply.

If you are not logged after applying, please check your network configuration.

LCN: Logged

Confirm the configuration with "OK" to return to the configurator.

In the Configurator, you can now search your bus for modules, create them in IP-Symcon and let create the individual components (outputs, relays ...) as IP-Symcon instances.

LCN: Configuration

Configure module

Once you have created a module in the configurator and pressed the Configure button, a new dialog will open. There you can select which inputs and outputs are connected to your module and should be created in IP-Symcon.

To automatically create the individual instances, please select the desired device and press afterwards on the "Process" button.

As a result, newly selected units will be added and deselected devices removed. Newly added devices are created in the main category of IP-Symcon and must be named and sorted appropriately.

LCN: Module-Configuration

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