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M-Bus is a standardized protocol and bus system for recording consumption data. A LAN, serial or USB gateway is required to connect to IP-Symcon.


The following devices are supported by IP-Symcon:

Supported Devices



The M-Bus LAN Gateway is connected to the PC via LAN. By default, DHCP and port 5000 are set up. If an individual IP address is required, the IP-Symcon "Network Configuration Tool" is required. This is available for download . A simple description of how to configure the gateway is available. The gateway can then be reached via the configured IP address and port.

Integration in IP-Symcon

The LAN gateway can be integrated via the Device Search. To do this, "M-Bus Discovery" must be selected as the system. The discovery instance then offers to create an M-Bus Configurator. After the configurator has been created, devices can be searched for and integrated there.


Default settings for newly created devices can be defined in the configurator:

Property Description
Default Addressing Selection of whether devices are to be addressed via the primary address or secondary address. With "Automatic", the secondary address is used if the primary address is 0, otherwise the secondary address is used
Default Interval At what intervals the values should be queried (in minutes)

The default settings are only applied when creating new Instances. A change does not affect already existing Instances.

After defining the standard settings, the search for M-Bus devices can be started by clicking on the "Search for devices" button. The search may take a few minutes.

After the search, the devices found appear as instances that can be created in the configurator. To do this, a device must be selected from the list and "Create" must be clicked on.

M-Bus configurator

New instances are created in the object tree in the main category. These created instances can then be renamed accordingly and sorted elsewhere. It is also possible to call up the respective instance configuration via "Configure" in the configurator.


Various properties can be set on the configuration page of the device.

Property Description
Addressing Selection of whether the device should be addressed via the primary address or the secondary address
Address Address or ID of the device
Refresh Interval At what intervals the values should be queried in minutes
Limitation Limitation of packets on the bus (0 = unlimited)
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