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Modbus RTU/TCP

Create first of all a ModBus instance within IP-Symcon and switch in the configuration to the opposite instance, to adjust the configuration according to their devices. Please select, on what protocol your device should be addressed.

Modbus 1

Please enter your IP address and port (Default: 502) to connect to your device. In the other configuration (screenshot below) you can set the read and write address and the type of data to be read. The determination of the address, refer to the manual from your Modbus compatible device. The activation of the timer asks your ModBus device cyclically and updates the status within the device. The option "read-only" changes the reading process, that the latch/read-only inputs of your Modbus device can be read. Normally it is not necessary to enable this option.

Modbus 2

By the fact that PHP offers 5.3.x Integer as largest integer, the DWORDs (unsigend ints) can be read in IP-Symcon, but are mapped to an integer, which means, that only the lower 31Bit can be evaluated.

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