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Require: IP-Symcon >= 6.4


The OPC UA module is a paid extension that can be purchased for any existing IP-Symcon license. For prices or a suitable demo version please contact our Sales

The OPC UA (Client) connection allows the comfortable setup of OPC UA devices within IP-Symcon. The OPC UA address space of a device can be determined and traversed via an OPC UA configurator. Any OPC UA addresses (nodes) can be created. The nodes show the current value, which is automatically monitored and updated if the device supports this. Alternatively, the value can also be queried cyclically. The value can also be changed via visualization, script and flowchart.

Video tutorial for setup

  • Follows

Supported Protocol

  • OPC UA (Binary Encoding)

Supported Transport

  • TCP/IP

Supported Security Modes

  • None
  • Sign
  • SignAndEncrypt

Supported Authentication Methods

  • Anonymous
  • Username/Password

Supported SecurityPolicies

  • None
  • Basic256
  • Basic256Sha256

Supported data types

  • Boolean, SByte, Byte, Int16, UInt16, Int32, UIn32, Int64, UIn64, Float, Double, String, DateTime, GUID, ByteString, XMLElement, NodeId, StatusCode, QualifiedName, LocalizedText, Variant
  • Array of the respective types (represented as separate variables)
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