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Shutter Control

Require: IP-Symcon >= 5.0

The "Shutter Control" offers the possibility to move a roller shutter/awning to a specific percentage position.
Furthermore, the position is updated when the shutter is controlled via function or manually.
In contrast to Shutter Control (legacy), the position can also be adjusted while in motion.


The IP-Symcon Shutter module needs a variable or an instance with a status variable that uses the ~ShutterMoveStop or ~ShutterMoveStep profile.
The travel times and start-up delay must also be entered in the module. The easiest way to do this is with a stopwatch.


By default, dS Shutter, EnOcean Shutter, KNX Shutter, LCN Shutter, xComfort Shutter and Z-Wave Shutter support these profiles. This means that when they are created, a variable with the required profile is available.


Option Position Description
Type -------- Shutter or awning
Delay -------- Starting delay of the engine after switching
Target -------- Actuator variable that is to be controlled
Move down (middle) 50% Measured time from open to center.
Move down (bottom) 99% (Shutter only) Measured time from open to down. (bars still open)
Move down (Closed) 100% Measured time from open to end position reached. Slats closed.
Move up (Bottom) 99% (Shutter only) Measured time from closed to bars open.
Move up (middle) 50% Measured time from closed to mid reached.
Move Up (Open) 0% Measured time from closed to end position reached. Fully open.

Add an individual device

If the device does not belong to one of the supported variants, an integer variable can be created by oneself.
This must have the ~ShutterMoveStop or ~ShutterMoveStep profile assigned.
Furthermore, the following action script must be stored.

// Template for action script
    switch($_IPS['VALUE']) {

        case 0:
            // Here is the open function

        case 1: // Only with ~ShutterMoveStep
            // Here is the step-open function

        case 2:
            // Here is the stop function

        case 3: // Only with ~ShutterMoveStep
            // Here is the step-close function

        case 4:
            // Here is the close function

    SetValue($_IPS['VARIABLE'], $_IPS['VALUE']);
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