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Device list


Devices Description
CAN-BC2 Interface device for CAN bus devices
CAN-EZ2 Energy meter, heat meter
CAN-EZ3 Energy meter, heat meter
CAN-I/O45 RSM610/UVR16x2 Expansion unit for additional inputs/outputs
CAN-MTx2 RSM610/UVR16x2 Expansion unit with 4.3" touch display, one operating and display unit
RSM610 Freely programmable control and switching module. Possible extension of UVR1611/16x2
UVR1611 Universal control
UVR16x2 Freely programmable universal controller
UVR610 Freely programmable universal controller
UVR65* Universal control
UVR67* Universal control


Devices Description
UVR1611 Universal control
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