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The W&T Web-IO Digital Boxes allow access via a variety of protocols and applications via a TCP/IP Ethernet 10/100BaseT interface.


A properly connected Web-IO and a DHCP server are required for operation with IP-Symcon. (The DHCP server automatically assigns the addresses for the network participants)
Initial configuration options and setting options (e.g. reassignment of the IP address) are possible using the Wutility-Software. If this is not available, it can be downloaded from www.wut.de . After installing the software, the Web-IO can be recognized and used.


If no DHCP server is available, the IP address can also be configured with the Wutility-Software

WuT 1

The configuration web page of the Web-IO can be called up in the browser by entering the IP. Initial settings, especially for test purposes, are possible here.

Integration in IP-Symcon

WuT 2

A function corresponding to the connected devices must be selected in IP-Symcon from counter, input and output. If several channels of the device are to be integrated, the step in the instructions can be repeated as often as necessary. Now, “Next” must be clicked on twice and “OK” once. For example, the configuration of the "WuT Output" opens. Settings for the channel of the device are possible here. The exact assignment of the channels can be found in the instructions for the W&T device.

The IP address of the Web-IO must then be entered on the configuration page. This can be opened by clicking on the cogwheel (bottom left).

WuT 3

A password is optional. The factory settings do not include a password.

The timer must be activated so that IP-Symcon receives new data from the Web-IO within a manually entered time and a change becomes visible.
(The described configuration of the Wut Gateway is only necessary for the first installation. This step can be skipped when adding more devices.)

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