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The company ekey manufactures various finger scanners. These can be integrated into IP-Symcon using a gateway. IP-Symcon receives the activities of the finger scanner and makes them available via variable.


The following devices are supported by IP-Symcon:

Supported devices

To integrate ekey bionyx, please go to the following page ekey bionyx


In order to grant IP-Symcon access to the Home/Multi/Net system, the appropriate CV LAN module (gateway) must be integrated into the network.
The IP address for the UDP socket can be set using the eKey home CV LAN tool.


The CV LAN Tool is available in different versions for Home , Multi and Net.

After setting up the CV LAN, the specified IP addresses must be configured in IP-Symcon.
The protocol and separator must be set in the eKey instance.
The sending and receiving host and port must be entered via "Configure gateway".
The IP from the IP-Symcon server must be entered as the recipient IP.

Instance configuration
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