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The FHZ1X00PC (WLAN) is an interface developed by Contronics and sold by ELV that allows the end user to communicate with FS20, HMS and FHT components via PC. From the FHZ1300PC also the combined weather sensor KS300 is supported. The FHZ1350PC is only on Contronics available and provides the ability to access the dialer of the ELV. This feature is not supported by IP-Symcon.

The FS20 system provides an affordable entry into the building technology and automation. Parts of it are also sold under other labels (e.g. Conrad) - but are 100 percent compatible.

List of supported devices

FS20 sender and receiver
All FS20 sender and receiver

HMS sensors and actuators
All HMS alarm sensors and actuators

FHT components
FHT80B/FHT80B2 (FHT8 is not compatible!)


  • Once you have connected the device to your PC, you must install the drivers. If you have installed this, you can download it on our website: Download Drivers

Tips & Tricks

  • The FHZ is compatible with all USB-> LAN converters. (e.g. Silex, Lantronix)
  • Information to the change to LAN or to extend the range, see in the forum.
  • The FHZ1300PC WLAN is not officially supported in IP-Symcon. In order to use it in IP-Symcon, the encryption algorithm must be disabled.
    The necessary steps you can read here:

Problem solving

The configuration says: "A parent configuration seems to be broken"

  • Click on the messages and activate the correct driver.

No data is being transmitted/ received

  • Verify that the FHZ is connected to your system. (Hardware Manager)
  • Verify that by sending/ receiving the red LED flashes on the FHZ.
  • If not, the FHZ has no power or has not been configured in the system. Check whether the FTDI driver has been activated properly. (see above)

Devices are connected only sporadically (FS20)

  • Is the unit too far away?
  • Try to place the FHZ somewhere else or expand your system by another FHZ.
  • Is there jammer nearby?
Any questions?