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boolean FHT_SetTemperature (integer $InstanceID, float $Temperature)


InstanceID ID of the device to be switched
Temperature Temperature value in 0.5 ° C increments


If the command succeeds, it returns TRUE, otherwise FALSE.


Sets the new desired temperature for the FHT with ID InstanzID to value Temperature.

Since the FS20 system is unidirectional, can not be determined whether the command was successful. Error messages are only sent when an internal system error occurred (for example, if the FHZ is not connected).

The FHT commands are buffered by the FHZ and sent every few minutes to the FHT. Please note that the transmit buffer is limited, and repeatedly sending of values ​​increases the transmission time, and possibly the FHT overloaded.


FHT_SetTemperature(12345, 22.5); //Set to 22.5 ° C
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