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Home Connect Device

Require: IP-Symcon >= 6.0


When a device is created by the Home Connect configurator, a Home Connect device instance is created which has various status variables depending on the device type.

Control by IP-Symcon

In order to be able to use the devices to the full extent, the remote start and/or remote control must be activated directly on the device. If only the remote control is active, programs and options can be changed, but the program cannot be started. While the device is being operated locally, it cannot be controlled by IP-Symcon.

Status variables

Each device can have 4 different types of variables.


Status type variables are variables that cannot be switched by IP-Symcon.
Examples: Operating status, Local operation active


Variables of the setting type can usually be switched and are used to change various settings of the device.
Examples: Temperature (refrigerator), Energy status


Each device has only one variable of the type program. This variable can be used to determine which program is to be executed by the device.


If a program, that is available in the Home Connect app, is not displayed in IP-Symcon, then it is not supported by the API. If such a program is selected manually via the app or the device, then all setting options are grayed out


When a program is selected, corresponding option variables are created that change the details for the selected program.
Examples: Capacity (coffee machine), Duration (oven)

When a program has been selected and the available options have been set, the program can be started using the Control variable.
As soon as a program has been started, depending on the device, variables are created that provide information on the progress.
Examples: Program progress, Remaining runtime


  • When creating a device, it should be online and therefore switched on
  • The refrigerator has no programs


A device instance is not created correctly

All data of a device can be requested again in the device instance by clicking on the 'Initialize device' button.

Variables are not updated

Click on 'Register server events' to re-establish the connection to the Home Connect service.

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