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Requires: IP-Symcon >= 2.2

array IMAP_GetMailEx (integer $InstanceID, string $UID)


InstanceID ID of teh IMAP-Instance
UID UID of the email to be loaded


If the command was executed successfully, it returns as its result an array of data to the cached emails, otherwise a Boolean with the value FALSE.


This command loads an email with the UID UID from the IMAP instance with ID InstanceID and returns an array containing the data of the e-mail. Should the instance or an e-mail with the given UID not exist, an alert is generated.


print_r(IMAP_GetMailEx(12345, "1234"));
/* returns e.g.:
    [ContentType] => text/plain
    [Date] => 1295756412
    [Flags] => SEEN
    [Recipient] => ips@test.test
    [SenderAddress] => sender@test.test
    [SenderName] => Test Sender
    [Subject] => 3 2 1 Test
    [Text] => This is a test!
    [UID] => 1234
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