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boolean WAC_PlayFile (integer $InstanceID, string $Filename)


InstanceID ID of the controlled media player
Filename Path to the file to play


If the command succeeds, it returns TRUE, otherwise FALSE.


Plays a file with a Filename directly from the media player with the ID InstanceID. The command is only available for simplification. They can also be replaced by a sequence of WAC_ClearPlaylist, WAC_AddFile, WAC_Play.

Please refer to the supported file formats. Currently supported formats: *.wav, *.mp3, *.wma (each without DRM)


//Please note the slashes in the path.
//The exact meaning, read the PHP manual: http://de.php.net/manual/de/language.types.string.php
WAC_PlayFile(12345, "D:/MP3s/Favorite song.mp3");</div>
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